People I've worked with
I've been fortunate enough to collaborate with some awesome people throughout my career.

Lyubcho is an exceptional digital marketer. As part of the performance marketing team of Fashion Days he has been responsible for driving sales across 7 markets in the CEE region. What really stands out about Lyubcho is his constant need to move, learn, grow and help people around him deliver the best they can. His candid communication style helps put things in prospective and saves time when complex decisions need to be made.

Lyubcho is a talented professional with a complex skillset with whom I had the opportunity to work with. He is a confident and optimistic person with inspiring enthusiasm that captures those around him. He has strong ability to analyse and identify pitfalls and opportunities, transforming them into a comprehensive strategy and plan. His remarkable footprint and contribution in building the digital advertising and overall marketing infrastructure at Remix Second Hand helped the company gain visibility, and after all he managed to leave a well-preserved and cost-effective legacy. From a few that know and believe the successful leadership is built on the people around you. “Practice what you preach!” is a phrase that comes to my mind and applicable to the way he is. "Lead by example and action" was the way he managed the marketing team - a diverse and unique group of people with distinct personalities, motivations and skills. He’s able to objectively evaluate negative and constructive feedback, accept what works, put it into practice, and leave the rest of it behind without developing hard feelings. Being a visionary and incorporate new approaches without getting distracted from the main goals. Lyubcho is reliable person and trustworthy partner. Always interested in learning more, digging deeper, having the desire and determination to push forward. I would recommend him to any organisation looking after a person that is able to scan the environment in search of subtle trends and indicators of disruptive change, and establish practices that allow your organisation to respond swiftly the twists and turns of a changing business landscape.

Lyubcho is an excellent digital marketing specialist and a very positive and fun-to-work-with person. We worked together in Fashion Days, where he was responsible for performance marketing in the 7 markets of the company. In that role, he learned a lot about e-commerce and digital marketing on a global scale, and grew notably as a professional. One of the first things that really impressed me about him was his endless desire to stay on top of the latest trends and develop his skills accordingly. He is also very open for constructive feedback and willing to improve on it. Lyubcho has a vast digital marketing know-how (including for example Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, programmatic ads) combined with valuable design skills and the rare ability to visualize data in a clear and simple way. He is result-focused, he can set relevant KPIs and he can be flexible enough to adjust the marketing actions and budget in order to achieve them. Definitely recommended if you need someone with a make-things-happen attitude to drive business growth.

While working with Lyubcho, he demonstrated to be an intelligent, self-organized, capable young man, with strong personal opinion. Tech-savvy, early technology adopter, and fast learner, he is fit and ready for the working environment of the digital age we live in.

Lyubcho is a natural born digital ninja. He has an exceptional touch for design, which - combined with his years long practice in UX - results in his web and mobile interfaces being state of the art and as user friendly as you can imagine. Speaking about performance marketing, he basically thrives in converting 7-digit budgets into sustainable growth of any e-commerce business. ‘Let’s scale it’ seems to be a phrase on top of his mind throughout most of the time. Last but not least, whether it’s analysing data or managing day to tay work - there appears to be no tool that Lyubcho hasn’t used, tested or heard of already.

Professionals like Lyubcho are a rare breed. He is constantly searching for ways to improve himself and the business he works for and, regardless of his outstanding achievements, he never beats his own drum. During our time together at Remix, I was fortunate enough to learn from him and follow his lead on the various marketing activities, encompassing 6 countries in Europe. I admire the ease, with which he undertakes and completes tasks, willing to go far beyond their initial goal, his endless passion and dedication to his job, and his mentorship, spreading to every single person within his team.

Lyubcho is a rare talent and a dream to work with. His personal and work ethics are exemplary and his results tell a great deal about his vast expertise. Reaching further than the immediate project, Lyubcho takes the time to understand the implications of decisions and explores the industry he operates in with contagious passion. What is truly special is that he shares his knowledge, without reservation, which makes everyone around him better at their jobs.

Lyubcho has one of the hardest to find combinations of skills: creative and data-driven. He managed to increase sales for Fashion Days in 7 countries, contributing to most of the automations that were developed in the Performance Marketing team.He is always up to date to the latest technologies and manages to bring arguments related to the business, platform and overall digital strategy putting data and performance first. It was a joy and a pleasure to have worked with him.

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