About me
Striking the balance between the quantitative and the creative while working on innovative digital projects and helping online businesses grow.

Born in the beautiful city of Pleven, Bulgaria, I found myself fascinated with internet, design & technology from an early age. My education began at the local High School of Electronics and my parents bought me my first computer in 2002. At 14 I discovered the wonderful world of freelancing and started earning money by doing design gigs for various international companies. A year later, I got into blogging and went on a quest to monetize content using SEO to gain traffic, as well as testing numerous ideas to increase conversion rate.
I continued my education at UNWE, Sofia, where I earned a BA in Economics of Commerce. During my student years I took leading roles in the product & marketing side of projects like Soccerfame - a football portal with 2M visits monthly; Cashback365 - a cashback platform; Shortbooking - a travel portal; numerous online IQ & Emotional Intelligence tests; Car Rental websites & a Project Management Tool. I also created Webly - an online magazine with marketing insights, tutorials & infographics, which were appreciated and shared by Guy Kawasaki, Search Engine Journal, Ogilvy & Mather & more.
In 2013, I started working as a Performance Marketing Manager at Fashion Days. I managed a significant marketing budget, ran ads on both Facebook & Google for 7 european markets, did design for most things digital & participated in different product development projects. I was part of a wonderful team that created one of the biggest online fashion retailers in Eastern Europe. I learned a lot about eCommerce.
Wanting to use my skills to help a local company grow, I found an opportunity with Remix Second Hand - an online store that has the potential to transform the way people buy & sell clothes online. In 2015, I joined the company as a CMO & was able to put together a marketing team, organize it's processes, define the KPI's and implement a marketing infrastructure that supports the business to this date. I also made a complete overhaul of the website UI/UX, designed both the iOS & Android apps and outlined an SEO & content strategy. During my time at the company, Remix grew both its user base & revenue X7 & attracted a €8M funding.
Throughout my career I've worked with various businesses and helped them navigate the rapidly changing web landscape. I believe that my hands-on experience paired with my attention to detail and obsession with keeping up-to-date have allowed me to gain comprehensive knowledge across a wide spectre of digital marketing techniques.
Currently I’m applying my skills in helping businesses from around the world achieve their full potential.